Stephen M. Williams

Sunday, April 7, 2013 at 1:30 PM Mark-Stephen and 23 other Oswego Residents will square off in an arena survival match to rival Panem's Hunger Games.

Each SUNY Oswego residence hall on campus will send two tributes, a boy and a girl, to represent their "District" in the games, and each tribute will be selected in a series of reapings to be held in the weeks prior to the match. Each district and the surrounding community can cheer on (and even sponsor) their favorite tributes at the Hunger Games to End Hunger in the SUNY Oswego Campus Center Ice Arena.

ALL proceeds from the event will go to benefit the Oswego Food Pantry, a member of the Food Bank of Central New York.

The safe but exciting match will bring the campus together in an effort to fight hunger. Before this battle royale, audience members are encouraged to learn more about our sponsors, buy food drink and other novelties, and to take part in raffles and other such events before you take your seat. At the scheduled time the tributes will be introduced and the rules will be announced. Then the games will begin, starting with a 60 second countdown.

During the game, audience members can sponsor their tributes by donating money to award extra lives and even better weapons/ armor.

After all tributes have been eliminated there will be a crowning ceremony and raffle winners will be announced.

Admission is free! Come support Mark-Stephen as your favorite Tribute and help fight hunger!